Lost Your Combo?

For lost combinations check to see if your lock has a serial number.

Please see examples of a serial number if you are unsure if your lock features one.

My lock does not have a serial number

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide combinations for non–serialized locks.

My lock has a serial number

Lock is not attached to something:

 For security and liability reasons neither MasterPadlocks.com nor Master Lock Company provides combinations to end users by phone, mail or e-mail. However, if the padlock is not secured to anything you may send it to:



P.O. Box 1326

El Cajon, CA 92022-1326

with a check for $12.00 each. We will then return the locks to you with the correct combinations. Some may find it less expensive to simply purchase new locks, others may find some locks to be sentimental in value. 

Lock is attached to something:

In the case of your lock being attached to something, we recommend you contact a local locksmith so as to unlock the lock with minimal damage.

Resetting Your Combination

To reset your combination, you will need to know your current combination.

175 & 176



  • Here are the instructions for changing the combination on you model 653D lock. This lock is preset at the factory to operate at 0-0-0-0.
  1. With dials at 0-0-0-0, pull out the shackle
  2. Turn shackle counterclockwise 90 degree (1/4 turn)
  3. Continue pressing shackle down and turn another 90 degree (1/4 turn)
  4. Set the dials to your own combination
  5. Turn shackle clockwise back to the original 90 degree position, lift and return shackle to closed position
  6. Be sure to record your NEW combination as you are the only one that knows it!

875, 975

1175, 1177, 1178


1535D, 1535DWD




Store your combination at www.masterlockvault.com - a FREE service from Master Lock! The Master Lock Vault provides a safe and convenient place to store all of your confidential data for quick and easy access from your PC, iPhone, or any other mobile devices!

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